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Dominika Danielczyk, Polka w NZ, blog podróżniczy (1 of 1)
Hi, I’m Dominika, a girl from Poland who’ve always dreamed of seeing other site of the world.
This dream became the pain in the ass after I watched the Lord of the Rings. Frustration caused by my job and daily life wasn’t helping me. I just wanted to drop everything and leave it behind.
It was the end of 2013 when I asked myself the fundamental question: “If not now, then when?”
The answer came pretty quick. Without big preparation, in January 2014 I jumped on a plane heading to New Zealand.
36 hours on a plane was a mixture of panic attacks and enormous happiness.
Alone, with a backpack and small budget, I hitch-hiked both islands. For two months I had a smile on my face every day. It was so beautiful, people were so nice and hospitable. I was happy. I was fulfilling my dreams.
At the end of my trip, I knew – “that was it”. I went back to Poland with the plan. My plan was: pack everything, say goodbye and move to New Zealand as soon as.
Since 3 years I walk upside down, on the other site of Earth. New Zealand is my new home. Views are still breathtaking, mountains are calling me and I look at everything through the lens of my camera.
On this blog, I write what turns me on in New Zealand: mountains, travels, biking, photography, adventures…
Travelling is the best way to explore the world, meet people and above all know you. Travelling is 100% of living. With all my heart I encourage you to pack your backpack. But be aware – it can change your life!!! I hope my blog will be small iinspiration.
I’m happy to help. I’m open to constructive criticism, grammar corrections… I’m still learning 🙂
Images on that blog are copyrighted.
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